Full Report - Independent Review of Canadian Soccer Association

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Canada Soccer Statement in response to MGSS Review of Canadian Soccer Association

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Press Release - MGSS publishes Independent Review of Canadian Soccer Association

MGSS was tasked to review the institutional response of the CSA surrounding the 2008 allegations concerning former U-20 Women''s National Team Coach Bob Birarda. The review considered both the organisational and policy context in place at the time within the CSA and examined the relationship and interaction between the Vancouver Whitecaps and the CSA in responding to the 2008 complaints. The review also includes an assessment of Canada Soccer’s current Safe Sport policies, with recommendations to ensure Safe Sport for all Canada Soccer participants.

McLaren Global Sport Solutions to develop Gymnastics Canada's Culture Review Roadmap

McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) is pleased to announce that it will be leading the development of an implementation plan for a culture review as well as provide an analysis of Gymnastics Canada's current national safe sport policies and procedures.

Terms of Reference for MGSS and Gymnastics Canada

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Richard McLaren provides Boxing with a Framework for Reform

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Press Release - Richard McLaren to Present Final Phase of Boxing Investigation.

Lausanne, Switzerland - June 14, 2022 - In his final report of the independent boxing investigation, Professor Richard McLaren, O.C., details a history of financial mismanagement and deception, rule breaking on the field of play, and inadequate training and education programs in the sport of boxing.

MGSS Invites Participation with Independent Review of Canada Soccer

MGSS is conducting an Independent Review into the institutional response and processes of the Canadian Soccer Association (today known as Canada Soccer) with respect to the termination of former U20 Women’s National Team Coach Bob Birarda in 2008. The McLaren team invites former players, staff members, or others to participate in this Review. This information will be treated in confidence.

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Richard McLaren releases report on international boxing

In the Stage One Report of the Independent International Boxing Investigation, Professor Richard McLaren, O.C. determines that senior boxing officials set up an informal structure to support the manipulation and corruption of bouts in the qualifying year prior to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and at the Olympic Games themselves.
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McLaren Independent Mali Basketball Abuse Investigation Report

In his capacity as the International Basketball Federation's (FIBA) Integrity Officer, Professor Richard McLaren, O.C., and his team at McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS), supported by Harod Associates, have delivered their report on allegations of abuse in the Fédération Malienne de Basketball (FMBB).

@LFPress on Twitter

@LFPress: Richard McLaren tackles the urgent cry to properly address stories of Canadian athletes subjected to abuse, harassment, hazing and discrimination.

Blueprint For Ensuring Safer Sport In Canada Unveiled

Ground-breaking report sets out a framework for protecting athletes from abuse, harassment and discrimination through a national safe-sport body

Renowned London anti-doping crusader turns sights to mistreatment of athletes

London-based lawyer has reputation for exposing some of the toughest issues in sports, from doping to corruption

Corruption in weightlifting exposes its need for an independent enforcer

Overview of investigative work by McLaren and a call for action to scrutinise international sports bodies more closely.

Richard McLaren Independent Weightlifting Investigation Press Conference Speaking Notes

Full text of Richard McLaren's speaking notes from live press conference on June 4, 2020 Toronto.

Final Report to International Weightlifting Federation released

Independent Investigator Report to the oversight and Integrity commission of the International Weightlifting Federation.

Appoinment by the International Weightlifting (IWF) Board

McLaren and his team were recently appointed by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Board to independently investigate allegations of impropriety surrounding President Dr. Tama Ajan and the IWF.

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announces the appointment of Richard McLaren as Integrity Officer

McLaren and his team will be setting up and operating an Integrity Office and Investigations Department for FIBA.

Symposium on Match Manipulation and Gambling in Sport

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc. (MGSS) hosted the first-ever Canadian symposium addressing the issues of match manipulation and gambling in sport.

The International Cricket Counsel (ICC) and Cricket South Africa (CSA), issued a joint press release regarding allegations against CEO.

McLaren acts as allegations that were made against Mr Haroon Lorgat, Chief Executive of CSA. Richard McLaren, CEO, McLaren Global Sport Solutions acted as the independent Adjudicator.

Richard McLaren appointed by a separate commission through the World Anti-Doping Agency to investigate Russian Athletes

McLaren was part of the three-person independent commission, chaired by Richard Pound, LLD’04, and appointed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), to investigate allegations of widespread, systematic doping and cover-ups in Russia.

Richard McLaren receives the Order of Canada

Richard McLaren named to Order of Canada. Western Law professor and alumnus Richard McLaren LLB'71, has been awarded one of Canada's highest civilian honours. Governor General David Johnston named McLaren an Officer of the Order of Canada on December 30.

Getting sport back on track

Doping and corruption scandals have ignited the debate over governance of the multi-billion dollar businesses that major sports have become. Global Insight reports on the challenges facing the IAAF, FIFA and WADA amongst other global bodies.

Statement by Professor Richard H. Mclaren in Response to the IAAF Decision

"I have supplied the Taskforce with this material, which may be relevant to the decisions the IAAF must make, as I have full confidence that it reflects my investigation to date. This action was taken at the specific request of the Taskforce."

McLaren Independent Investigation Report into Sochi Allegations

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announces publication of the McLaren Investigation Report (McLaren Report), which was released earlier today by Professor Richard H. McLaren during a press conference that he held, in Toronto, Canada.