Our goal is to provide effective and efficient services offered by our internal experts and our team of external sport consultants. Using a unique team model with the work we conduct, MGSS is able to draw upon the top talent in Sport from the legal profession, governance, management, communications and marketing ensuring we deliver the highest quality of services to our clients.

Risk Management

We help clients reduce organizational risks and protect the value of their brand.

  • Audits of current integrity units to optimize policies and accountability frameworks.
  • Third-party investigations of conduct matters.
  • Reviews of organizational policies, procedures, and reporting structures.


We help clients achieve greater efficiencies, clarify roles and accountabilities, and optimize stakeholder relationships.

  • Reviews of current governance structures, gap analysis, and implementation of new internal processes.
  • Risk audits based on current governance structures.

Case Management and Adjudication

We help clients develop and manage adjudication processes tailored to their specific needs and policy environment.

  • Review, refinement, and development of customized arbitration procedures.
  • Turnkey case management and administration services.

Business Intelligence

We help organizations gain valuable business insights through better understanding the attitudes, preferences, and engagement of key stakeholders.

  • Customized surveys of internal organizational stakeholders (staff, athletes, coaches).
  • National and regional surveys of grassroots sport participants.
  • Development of metrics to measure awareness, understanding, and attitudes about an organization's policies.


We assist clients in delivering customized educational solutions for their audiences.

  • Training programs for teams, athletes, and staff focused on integrity, ethics, and personal conduct.
  • Keynote speaking engagements for conferences and special assemblies focused on sport law, risk management, governance, and ethics in sport.

McLaren Global Sport Solutions offers SportIntegrity360 (SI360) which provides a comprehensive assessment of personal conduct policies within sport organizations from the perspectives of key stakeholders including organizational leadership, administrators, staff, and athletes. This customizable process provides excellent baseline measures of an organization's integrity policies and how they are understood and operationalized within an organization, league, team.

SI360 helps organizations answer the following questions:

  • Do you have the necessary policies in place?
  • Are your policies understood and communicated effectively by stakeholders?
  • Are there gaps in how policies are understood and implemented across your organization?
  • Do you have appropriate reporting structures and accountabilities?