McLaren Global Sport Solutions Invites Participation in Independent Review of Canada Soccer

McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) is conducting an Independent Review into the institutional response and processes of the Canadian Soccer Association (today known as Canada Soccer) with respect to the departure of former U20 Women’s National Team Coach Bob Birarda in 2008.

The McLaren team invites former players, staff members, or others to participate in this Review. This information will be treated in confidence.

To reach out to the McLaren team, a confidential email address has been created:

Confidential Email:

A summary of the Terms of Reference for this Review is provided as follows:

Stage 1 requires MGSS to conduct a review of the Canadian Soccer Association’s institutional response and processes surrounding the allegations at the time in 2008 concerning former U20 Coach Bob Birarda. Note: The Review is not a re-investigation of the complaint(s) themselves.

Stage 2 requires MGSS to conduct a review of all current safe sport and related policies to identify gaps that may require action.  This review would also be informed by the work undertaken in Stage 1.

MGSS has complete independence from Canada Soccer. To ensure transparency, MGSS will issue a full public report of its findings upon completion. MGSS is authorised to follow the evidence wherever it may lead them in the review process.

Note: MGSS will not be responding to any media inquiries during the course of the Review.

For further information, please contact:
Bob Copeland, Senior Vice President
McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc.