Update: Deadline for European Boxing Championships Report Extended Until 6 October

Toronto, Ontario – September 06, 2022 – The McLaren Independent Investigation Team (MITT) has issued the following statement regarding the release of its investigation into the EUBC European Boxing Championships in Armenia:

"In late August, McLaren Global Sport Solutions on behalf of the MIIT approached the IBA Board of Directors to request an extension to the deadline for the EUBC European Boxing Championships report from 31 August to 6 October in order to complete all the necessary interviews. The team had trouble tracking down and scheduling interviews with key personnel, some of which required follow up interviews. The last interview of the investigation was held on 30 August. This made it impossible to begin, let alone complete, the writing of the Report in time to meet the original 31 August deadline. Following the request of MGSS CEO Richard McLaren, the IBA Board of Directors decided by means of a mail vote to extend the investigation until October 6, 2022."

Following delivery of the Report to the Board of IBA details of the report’s publication will be issued in due course.

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